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1 - 3 March



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60 mins


Rebekah de Roo
Projection Design
Zoë Christall

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Blue Flicker Productions

Hello darling, it’s awfully nice to see you. I feel like we’ve met before. Do you feel it too? I have a bit of a naughty story to tell you. Something just a little bit cheeky before you pop off to bed. I swear some people think they have women all figured out. Something I would like to make abundantly clear is that I refuse to fit into a box. It’s like they’re baking a cake in my least favourite flavour, decorating it with sickly sweet icing, and using ingredients I’m allergic to. And then they make me eat it.

But you wouldn’t do that to me, would you darling? We have a special bond, you and I.

My oh my, this story is going to be delicious.

Wendybird is an exploration of femininity and loneliness – particularly how we as women can feel lonely inside relationships when we are not seen for who we really are, but rather who we are imagined and expected to be.
Jenny Nimon, Art Murmurs Reviewer

Wendybird is a solo, coming-of-age story, but not as you’ve seen before. Following first loves, mental health, and female friendships, this show breaks down the barriers of the damsel in distress and shows how strong and independent women really are. This feminist retelling of Peter Pan is written and performed by Prea Millar and directed by Zoe Christall.

Blue Flicker Productions is a female-led, independent theatre company based in Wellington, New Zealand. We provide a space for experimentation and growth among emerging practitioners. Our purpose is to carefully foster sparks of creativity to develop whimsical and heartfelt productions.