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1 - 5 November

wish i was there


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50 mins

wish i was there

Written and Performed by James Smith

“I’m 25 years old, and I’m on a space station orbiting the planets of the Human system.
I’m a DJ.
I’m alone.
That’s all I am.”
Earth is dead, but the Solar System is teeming with life.
Lost and alone, an ex-Martian returns from the edge of the system to find themself a new home. Through ancient technology, they begin broadcasting a radio show to no-one in particular, reminding themselves of where they’ve come from and where they’re going.

A one-person play written and performed by James Smith, wish i was there is an exploration of identity and what it means to be someone in a universe broader than you ever expected.
Set to a soundtrack featuring music from The Specials, Alabama Shakes and more, this is a play for all the lovers and loners looking for home on all the wrong planets.

... a brilliantly conceived, occasionally hilarious and well-realised play... an amazingly good concept here, and some fascinating science fiction
Mike Mather - Waikato Times
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