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25 - 29 January

You'd Look So Pretty If


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50 mins

You’d look so pretty if you smiled, or you wore makeup.

If you showed off your legs, or you just made more of a damn effort.

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

You’d Look So Pretty If, a devised show from Stain Your Brain Productions, is set to debut this year as a part of the Six Degrees Festival.

This is a provocative, horrific, comedic and contemporary performance, that will leave you feeling contemplative, and ready to scream.

With a cast and crew consisting of female and non-binary folk, we’ve managed to create a performance which confronts the issues around the objectification of femininity. We are discovering how we can best celebrate the feminine people in our lives.

You will see puppetry, physical theatre, poetry, romance, horror and more as we flesh out the eclectic lives of the feminine person within us all.

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Made in association with Six Degrees Festival.

Stain Your Brain is a contemporary theatre company comprised of female and non binary folk who are

excited to rattle your brains on what it is to be feminine.

Directed by: Rosie Glover

Performed by: Rebecca Lester, Caryl Loria Illana, Sam Wahlers and Mia Oudes

Stage Managed by: Elsie Bollinger

Dramaturgy by: Alia Marshall

Sound Design by: Matt Asunder

Set Designed by: Anne-Lisa Noordover

Production Manager: Prea Miller