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30 July - 3 August

Your Body Is A Wasteland


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30 Jul 6.30 PM
31 Jul 6.30 PM
1 Aug 6.30 PM
2 Aug 6.30 PM
3 Aug 6.30 PM

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Extra Aroha Ticket

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55 mins

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Your Body Is A Wasteland

Created by Tempest Theatre Co

Your Body is a Wasteland is an experimental live theatre event that explores the world of chronic health conditions & invisible disability. Told via stage, screen and audio, this multimedia fairytale brings forth the visceral experience of living in a body that doesn't want you there.

In the near future, a Wanderer walks through a wasteland, on a journey with no end. The whole world’s ended, or maybe just her own. She survives what’s thrown at her, and she journeys to find her way out.

Inspired by Fallout, The Road, and Station Eleven, Your Body is a Wasteland is about surviving; no matter how much it hurts.

As seen at Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Fringe and DAFT 2023, we're delighted to bring Your Body is a Wasteland to New Zealand shores in a live performance form.

NOTE: As this is a show about those with chronic health conditions & disability, we request that patrons please wear masks to support the health of those in our community who may be in attendance.

The piece takes full advantage of the medium to create something truly original and remarkable.
NorthWest End
Creative team

Written and directed by Emma Maguire.

Script support by Hamish Boyle.

Performed by Finn McCauley, Hamish Boyle, Zachary Klein, Hayden Frost, Marija Stanisic, Slaine McKenzie and Emma Maguire.

Produced by Tempest Theatre Co.

Content warning

Show contains suicidality, some body horror, and loud sounds.

Contact [email protected] for more information.