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5 - 9 September



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45 mins



Zenith is a unique contemporary dance piece that explores the process and perceptions of reaching one's "personal Zenith". You often hear the statement "they have reached the zenith of their career" or the "zenith of their life" but have you ever really thought about what zenith actually means to them. Has their views been unconsciously manipulated by other factors?

Everyone is always reaching for their zenith, constantly focusing on how to get there and when they will get there but what happens once they are there? Are they, are you, reaching for something that doesn't even exist?

Zenith is broken down into 6 sections including,

Pursue - Follow the dancers working towards reaching their zenith, experience their motivation, their fight and their process to reach what they believe to be their zenith, their purpose.

Beyond - Once reaching their Zenith they look down at what their life looks like now they have reached this Zenith. They watch other things around them suffer, the parts of their life left behind. Is this really what Zenith looks like? This doubt now creates comparison, you start noticing others who have something you to believe is more, your Zenith is now fractured.

Manipulation - No one person's Zenith is the same, though is what you see and hear in society unconsciously manipulating your own Zenith. Are others influencing your thought processes?

Perception - One’s perception is very narrow. Watch the dancers explore/discover this narrow path realising there is much more out there than just your thoughts. What lies outside this narrow path?

Renewal - Understanding that there is no end to Zenith creates a new purpose. Watch the awakening of a new direction of one's mind progress on stage. Learning that maybe the journey is the best part.

Creative Team

Zenith is choreographed by Jenire (Amelia Butcher's choreography brand)

Jenire is evolving a unique style of dance aiming to transform passion into movement. Jenire focuses on the relationship between the intention of the work and how it is presented. Thus, offering an opportunity for both the performers and the audience to enter into an atmosphere of energy and leave with the intent of personal and social reflection. Jenire aspires to create connections between audience members and performers through the art of movement and music. Viewers will be drawn in by Jenire’s innovative, intricate and fast paced choreography, in which every movement adds meaning. We are passionate about creating an encouraging environment that inspires performers to explore themselves and apply their own passion and intention to discover the depth of their abilities. Whether you’re a performer or an audience member, Jenire will introduce you into a whole new world of dance

Choreographer/Director/Dancer: Amelia Butcher

Dancers/cast: Alexis Burns, Amedee Wilson, Annabella Milburn, Jessica Green, Ona Fraser

Photographer - Andrew Turner