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Spectacular organised chaos returns to BATS Theatre

Spectacular organised chaos returns to BATS Theatre

Award-winning artist Amy Atkins is bringing her comedy RAW! ASMR back to the capital for a Wellington premiere. It is scheduled for the 26-29 April at BATS Theatre.

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – ASMR – refers to the ‘tingling’ or static-like sensation some people experience from listening to whispering, having their hair washed at the salon, or watching specially crafted videos. It’s a phenomenon that has seen millions of videos created for YouTube with billions of views.

RAW! ASMR was the 2022 winner of the New Zealand Fringe ‘Spectacular Organised Chaos’ award. Back in March last year, a small ‘Covid-19 Red Light’ audience experienced the first development season of RAW! ASMR at BATS Theatre for the Fringe.

Over the past twelve months Amy and director Sara Hirsch have redevised the show three times. They think they’ve finally cracked it. Amy performed the iterations of RAW! ASMR in Nelson, Auckland, and Christchurch scooping another three awards along the way – Best Solo Performance, Development Award, and Outstanding Sound Design.

If you attended RAW! ASMR at BATS Theatre last year, Amy reassures you’ll still really enjoy it. The show has developed significantly over the year. She says you might recognise specific moments, but it is a new performance with ASMR now at the heart of it.

As requested by our audiences there’s more crunching, more obscure roleplays, more direction, and more actual ASMR to experience
Amy Atkins
Our youngest audience member in 2022 was 7, they came with their Mum and they both adored it
Amy Atkins
Surprisingly, middle-aged men with no ASMR knowledge have been really receptive to the show
Amy Atkins

The Wellington premiere season of RAW! ASMR is on at BATS Theatre 26-29 April 2023 at 6.30pm. Book tickets to RAW! ASMR at This season is part of a wider Te Ika-a-Māui North Island tour of RAW! ASMR. For all the tour dates and ticket links visit


Created and performed by Amy Atkins

Directed by Sara Hirsch

Devised with Booth The Clown, Bethany Miller, Jen O’Sullivan, Liz Butler, and Pája Neuhöferov.

Originally developed with the kind support of the New Zealand Fringe Festival & Creative New Zealand through the Kākano Fund.


Outstanding Sound Design, Auckland Fringe Festival 2022

Best Solo Performance, Nelson Fringe Festival 2022

Development Award, Nelson Fringe Festival 2022

Spectacular Organised Chaos, New Zealand Fringe 2022

Nominated Best of Fest, Nelson Fringe Festival 2022

Nominated Outstanding Performer, Nelson Fringe Festival 2022

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