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The Pit Gallery


The Pit Gallery physically exists within BATS Theatre and the Lumen Bar. It’s a space dedicated to showcasing emerging visual artists from our community. 

The Pit Gallery is our way of paying homage to The Pit Bar by using the space it once occupied to showcase art that may not typically fit into a theatre space. The Pit Gallery is more than a one-wall visual art gallery, as we regularly host music, poetry, quiz nights and extend the ‘gallery’ into full building installations.

Taking it online

Bringing the Pit Gallery online gives us room to further expand on what The Pit Gallery is. It opens up the space to showcase a wider variety of art forms, from artists all over the country. The online Pit Gallery is an experience of bringing us together when we may be physically apart.

Supporting artists

Support their beautiful mahi by purchasing it! Not in a position to buy? Head over to their socials, follow them, and keep up with them on their creative journeys.


The accessible ramped entrance with handrails is located to the left of the building front. It is accessible when the theatre is open. There is a call panel at the entrance which connects to the Box Office and clear access when you are inside.