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Venue & Technical


As a programmed season you get to use our pretty flash facilities. 

Remember all space at BATS is shared space. There may be other performances happening in the building before, after or even during your show. We try to ensure that issues like noise bleed, audience flow, and sharing spaces are well managed, so just let us know if you encounter any avoidable challenges. 

Kitchen and Green Room
Oven, microwave, fridge, dishwasher,  space to store and prepare food, with free tea and coffee. 

Dressing room and laundry
Washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, costume racks, and bathroom with shower 

BATS Office
Computer and Internet access (wifi through the building) and the office photocopier/printer (small charge for printing)

A Theatre!
You’ll have the use of one of our three performance spaces.  These are air-conditioned spaces with seating, powered lighting grids and a full arsenal of sound and lighting equipment.

Technical Support

All our shows receive supervised pack-in and pack-out time for free, which is negotiable when your show is contracted. Pack-in days usually go from 9am until 5pm on weekdays.

A BATS House Technician will be scheduled to attend your opening night, to make sure everything goes smoothly and assist with any teething problems.

BATS’ doesn’t supply someone to operate your sound and lighting during a performance but we might be able to put you in touch with people who can help. BATS’ Technical Manager will be on hand to help train your operator on our sound and lighting equipment. We might even be able to arrange training on the tech gear in advance of your pack-in.

Extra pack-in time in evenings or weekends can be arranged but comes with a cost. The reason for the cost is that BATS needs to pay a venue technician to be on site. We wish we could offer additional technical support for free, but unfortunately BATS doesn’t have the money required to absorb extra staffing costs.

If your show needs additional technical help, or additional pack-in hours, please arrange this with BATS’ Technical Manager in advance.

Packing in & out


Most BATS shows will have one or two full days to set up in the theatre, free of charge. Your specific pack-in times are outlined in your Performance Agreement. There is a loading zone right outside the theatre, which can be parked in briefly.

Extra pack-in time on weekends or after-hours can be arranged, but will need to be paid for.  This is because we need to make sure technical set-up is supervised, but BATS unfortunately doesn’t have the funds to pay for additional staffing (oh how we wish we did!)

Costs from additional tech support can be deducted from your Box Office payout, so don’t need to be paid for up-front. If you need to arrange additional pack-in time please contact our Technical Manager.

We definitely recommend using the full allotted pack-in time, but you’re not required to use all of it. If you’ll only be using part of your pack-in time just let us know.

During weekdays BATS staff will be on hand for advice and support. Packing-in a show can be a really stressful and busy time, but we’ll do what we can to help you have a good time too.


BATS can only run on the generous spirit of the co-ops! Basically, this means we need you to clean up after yourselves when you pack-out after your final show.

You get a clean and tidy venue when you arrive at the start of your season, so we ask that you leave it clean and tidy for the people after you. Due to our high turnover of shows, pack-out has to happen on closing night, after the last show in your performance space.

This is definitely the unglamorous side of the theatre business, but pack-out doesn’t have to take long if everyone pitches in. A BATS house technician will be on hand with a list of jobs and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Hours of Operation

BATS office staff work from 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday. The Box Office opens at 5pm on show days and stays open until after the last show of the night. If there is a matinee scheduled the theatre will be open 2 hours before the show start time. Lumen Bar opens at 5pm and will stay open into the night as long as there are a good number of people hanging out.

Meeting with BATS staff happens during office hours. It’s not unusual for our staff to work more than 40 hours in a week including late nights and weekends. This is why they prefer to arrange meetings within regular office hours.

Moving the seating in the Dome

One of the great things about The Dome is the reconfigurable seating, which can be altered to present shows in configurations previously not possible at BATS.

However, great things come at a cost. It takes three of our skilled team about half a day to rearrange the seating block. Changing the seating is less expensive if you’re able to use your prearranged pack-in time to make the change.

To find out more about how changing the seating block could work for your show, contact BATS’ Technical Manager ([email protected]).

Performing in other BATS spaces

Sometimes BATS shows perform in areas outside the theatre spaces, like in the bar, backstage or on the stairs. We love shows using our quirky theatre building in new and unique ways! If you’re planning on performing out of the box, talk to our Front of House Manager as we’ll need to work out the logistics together.

Please bear in mind that the alleyway next to BATS does not belong to the theatre. This land belongs to the New Zealand Fire Service, and is only able to be used as a fire exit, or as an entrance for people with mobility needs. Due to the proximity with the firemen’s barracks the alleyway cannot be used as an entrance or exit for your show.

BATS is only able to use the alleyway with the permission of the New Zealand Fire Service; if we lost permission to use this fire exit BATS would have to close.

Using the Studio

The Studio is also a space for scheduled performances and private hires so using the space needs to be arranged in advance. 

You may be able to hire The Studio for rehearsing your show before your season. There’s even a special rate for BATS shows. Check out our Room Hire Information, or get in touch with our Venue and Events Coordinator with your booking enquiry.