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16 Feb - 9 Mar

New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024


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Feb. 16, 2024 – March 9, 2024

explore the BATS Theatres programme this New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

Explore BATS' programme for the New Zealand Fringe Festival 2024

We're excited for you all to experience this amazing line-up. To help you see as many shows as possible, we're introducing the BATS "All-Nighter-Ticket" this year. Simply pick a date, and you can see all of the shows scheduled to perform at BATS that night for $60. 

See individual show pages for access to this deal or CLICK HERE.

week one of the fringe

Twilight - The Loca Edition
Twilight - The Loca Edition.png

Thursday 15th Feb in the Dome at 6:00 PM

Our saviour Stephenie Meyer queened out when she wrote The Saga that is Twilight. Come and unpack the comedic masterpiece that is, Twilight.


15th Feb - 17th Feb in The Stage at 7:30 PM

Movement Artist and Curator, Patrick Godinet is returning to Fringe 2024 with his new work: Agape. What is love? How we perceive, receive, give and live this very thing we call love differs from one soul to the next. We all wear "love" different.

Don't Quit Your Day Job
Don't Quit Your Day Job.png

16th - 17th Feb in The Dome at 6:00 PM

This show gets comedians to compete in a series of quizzes and improv situations all based around one area of work. Each vying to see who can walk away with the Champions title of "Employee of the Month".


20th - 24th Feb in The Dome at 6:00 PM

In the stomach of the icky and yucky process that is grief, ‘Icky’ is a dramedy about a struggling university student processing their father’s death. They retell moments, thoughts and stories throughout their life, however they realise that there's a more sinister truth they have yet to process.

Ngā Tai Kaha - The Strong Tides
Ngā Tai Kaha - The Strong Tides.png

20th - 24th Feb in The Stage at 7:30 PM

Nga Tai Kaha - The Strong Tides is a fast-paced and moving show that has the voice of our Rangatahi at the helm. Witness them telling their stories and using their life experiences to show audiences why and how they take dramatic steps to commit a ram raid.

Whore's Eye View by Kaytlin Bailey
Whore's Eye View by Kaytlin Bailey.png

20th - 24th Feb in The Studio at 9:30 PM

Whore’s Eye View is a mad dash through 10,000 years of history from a sex worker’s perspective. Equal parts stand up comedy, history lecture, and personal storytelling, Kaytlin Bailey masterfully unpacks the age-old stigma surrounding the oldest profession.


27th Feb - 2nd March in The Dome at 6:00 PM

Earth, 2073. Outside in a nonstop rainstorm, AI systems are roaming; hungry for bodies to clone. Inside, not-quite-exes Billy and Nono stubbornly face the newfound horror of 'boundaries'. NO NO NO is a sci-fi dark comedy, which explores what we both create and destroy in the people that we love[d]


27th Feb - 2nd March in The Stage 7:30 PM

In a Squid Game meets Toddlers & Tiaras world, Brynley and Ella compete for a yummy prize. Navigating schoolyard games, frenetic choreography, and the daunting 'Swimsuit Category', they grapple with their profound yearning for victory. Sweeties is a twisted, sketch-comedy portrayal of our relentless quest to outdo one another.

An Almighty Yes
An Almighty Yes.png

27th Feb - 2nd March in The Studio at 9:00 PM

An Almighty Yes is a bittersweet solo comedy show about how Emma Lange’s bloody cruddy cancer leads to Pentecostal Deaconess Fanny Bribery exorcising beelzebub in her comfy brogues to a lycra clad dancing sausage and a vigorous final ascent to tiram

Everyone's Got An Errol
Everyone's Got An Errol.png

5th March - 6th March in The Dome at 6:00 PM

Errol is that mate with no ambitions, no opinions, no skills. So why, you may ask, is he all of a sudden standing up for himself? Who put that idea in his head.

The Wave of the Woman
The Wave of the Woman.png

5th - 9th March in The Stage at 7:30 PM

The Wave of the Woman explores the relationship between women and their inner selves through movement, singing and spatial exploration. It's about how the world she creates within herself molds the world that then exists around her.


5th - 9th March in The Studio at 9:00 PM

A verbatim solo play unveils the world of incels, their profound hatred, and pervasive loneliness. Darkly funny yet disturbingly real, 'blackpill' breaks down the pipeline from online extremism to real-life terror. It asks how we reckon with these communities and leave open the door to allow them back into society.

The Butterfly Who Flew Into The Rave
The Butterfly Who Flew Into The Rave.png

7th - 9th March in The Dome at 6:00 PM

A spectacle of pure endurance. A victim to music, a victim to passion, a victim to our endless desire to achieve more. To win and win again.