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13 - 16 September

Tea With Terrorists


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75 mins
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Tea With Terrorists

PRESENTED By Sameena Zehra

Written and performed by Sameena Zehra, with expert direction by Sabrina Martin, Tea with Terrorists shares stories from a life that straddles two very different cultures. Examining the nature of conflict and the need for power and control, this show confronts everything, whether sombre or silly, with a light and insightful touch.

Arguing with mullahs, being an atheist in a religious, liberal family, wandering outside the green zone in war torn Kabul, being stalked by a sheep in Coniston, and having tea with some terrorists in Kashmir; journey with Sameena to find out why fear is redundant, joy is essential, and terrorists can be a real hoot.

‘The wonder and magic that stories bring have a collective, connective power. The only thing better is to add laughter. Tea with Terrorists started as a stand up comedy storytelling show. Over the last 10 years it has morphed, mutated, and transformed into the theatre show before you now. I never tire of the thrill I feel being in the room with a live audience, creating that moment of sharp intimacy between strangers as we agree to let our imaginations collude and collide and escape, together, into the world of stories’ says Sameena

This show is accessible to Blind and partially sighted folk without the need for audio description.

A masterful solo show where comedic storytelling combines seamlessly with warmth and intimacy making every minute count.
Art Murmurs, Katie Hill. Wellington 2022
Content Warning

Sound effect of gunshots

Creative Team

Director- Sabrina Martin (she/her)

Operator/Tour Manager Bekky Boyce (they/them)

Set Design- Isadora Lao (they/them)

Lighting Design- Marcus McShane (he/him)

Composer & Musical Director- Mike Mckeon (he/him)


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Photo by Roc+ Photography. Design by Aimee Sullivan
Access is an ongoing process, and when we know better, we can do better.

Writer and performer Sameena Zehra has created an audio description pre-show information package for her show Tea with Terrorists. This package includes links to an audio MP3 as well as a text copy describing the performer, venue and set design.

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